Treesteem was founded to spread eco-friendly and affordable clothing to adventurers and nature lovers all around the world while being not only climate neutral, but even making a positive impact on the environment by planting trees - many trees! 

All of us have a deeply rooted human desire for nature and adventure. We believe that all we really need to live a happy and fulfilling life can be found in nature and humanity itself. We want to remind humanity where it's roots come from and what really matters in life. ​
With artistic and nature inspired designs and with sustainable (100% organic cotton and recycled materials) and high quality clothing, we draw attention to the irreplaceable beauty of nature and the need for humanity to make a change.

For every product sold on our website, we initiate the planting of 12 mangrove trees (fully trackable) by donating to a non-profit organization called Eden Reforestation Projects. 

Our mission is to plant over 10 million trees until 2030 by spreading our sustainable fashion all around the world.
For sure, we won't stop there...

The damage humanity has done to our planet over the past years will affect not only us, but also, and even more so,
future generations.

Our children and grandchildren.

We have to act now!

Let's make the world a greener place!
Let's plant trees!

Happy shopping!