Have you ever wondered what you will tell your children or grandchildren when they ask you someday why we haven't done enough to save the future of earth?

We have. And that's why we founded Treesteem. 

Treesteem is not only a eco-friendly brand with 100% sustainable products, packaging and shipping, it's even "climate-positive", because we plant 12 trees for every product sold! Treesteem is a statement against the traditional clothing industry. We show that it's possible to offer really high quality organic cotton products to affordable prices (compared to other brands selling organic cotton products) and to still plant 12 trees for every product sold to have not only a neutral, but even a positive impact on the environment.

Imagine a world where people only purchase products from "climate-positive" brands. It's hard to imagine what a big win this would be for the future of the planet. It just sounds to good to be true. But think about it. If enough people, consumers like you and me, start to prefer "climate-positive" brands and this trend becomes bigger over time, this will produce a lot of pressure on unsustainable companies to jump on this trend. This might sound like a dream for most people, but for us it has become our mission.

Treesteem makes it possible for you to be the part of the change this world needs. Your decision really matters, not "only" for the 12 trees per product, but also for the growth of companies like ours. 

For every product sold on our website, we initiate the planting of 12 mangrove trees (fully trackable) by donating to a non-profit organization called Eden Reforestation Projects.

Our mission is to plant over 10 million trees until 2030 by spreading our sustainable fashion all around the world. For sure, we won't stop there...

The damage humanity has done to our planet over the past years will affect not only us, but also, and even more so, future generations. Our children and grandchildren.

We have to act now!

Let's make the world a greener place!
Let's plant trees!

Happy shopping!

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