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Have you ever wondered what you will tell your children or grandchildren when they ask you someday why we haven't done enough to save the future of earth?

We have. And that's why we founded Treesteem. 

Treesteem is not only a eco-friendly brand with 100% sustainable products, packaging and shipping, it's even "climate-positive", because we plant 12 trees for every product sold! Treesteem is a statement against the traditional clothing industry. We show that it's possible to offer really high quality organic cotton products to affordable prices (compared to other brands selling organic cotton products) and to still plant 12 trees for every product sold to have not only a neutral, but even a positive impact on the environment.

Imagine a world where people only purchase products from "climate-positive" brands. It's hard to imagine what a big win this would be for the future of the planet. It just sounds to good to be true. But think about it. If enough people, consumers like you and me, start to prefer "climate-positive" brands and this trend becomes bigger over time, this will produce a lot of pressure on unsustainable companies to jump on this trend. This might sound like a dream for most people, but for us it has become our mission.

Treesteem makes it possible for you to be the part of the change this world needs. Your decision really matters, not "only" for the 12 trees per product, but also for the growth of companies like ours.  

For every product sold in our store, we initiate the planting of 12 mangrove trees by donating to Eden Reforestation Projects. After your purchase we will send you an email with a link that leads to your impact dashboard (powered by Verdn, official Eden Reforestation Projects partner) where you can see exactly when and where your trees will be planted. 

The mission of Eden Reforestation Projects is to provide fair wage employment to impoverished villagers as agents of global forest restoration without making any profits.
So far they have already planted over 360 million trees in 8 different countries with the goal to plant over 500 million trees each year by the year 2025.

We will do everything in our hands to give them as much support as possible by making the Treesteem community become big and spreading our message all around the world.

The damage humanity has done to our planet over the past years will affect not only us, but also, and even more so, future generations.

Our children and grandchildren.

We have to act now!

Let's make the world a greener place!

Let's plant trees!


Style of Design
In terms of style, all our designs are nature-inspired. We believe that all of us have a deeply rooted human desire for nature and adventure. We believe that all we really need to live a happy and fulfilling life can be found in nature and humanity itself. We want to remind humanity where it's roots come from and what really matters in life. ​With our unique and artistic designs, we want to symbolize this way of thinking.



Our textiles are made of either 100% organic cotton or 85% organic cotton + 15% recycled materials. Since high quality garments and a positive impact on the environment are our main focus, we decided to choose Stanley/Stella as our supplier for all our products.

The mission of Stanley/Stella is to  change the perception of the textile industry. To offer products that respect people, the environment and customers. To produce more authentic and more responsible clothes that you are proud to wear and sell. Pieces that initiate change in the textile industry, made in a more humane, ethical and ecological way. 

The Stanley/Stella manufacturers are carefully selected based on the quality of their know-how, their production, their great respect for the working conditions of the employees and their total commitment to the values of Stanley/Stella. They work with only 7 factories, in order to maintain a privileged relationship. Their 19 local employees based in Dhaka work together with them every day to source only the best raw materials, grown or produced in ways that do not harm people, animals or the environment. Stanley/Stella exclusively use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton from India, recycled polyester from China and other sustainable materials such as Modal®.


Certifications & Fair Wear

The Stanley/Stella supply chain is certified by various independent bodies and standards. 

Here the sustainability certifications:

Oeko-Tex Annex 4 (recycled products)
Oeko-Tex Annex 6 (organic products)
OCS Blended (organic content standard)
OCS 100 (organic content standard)
GOTS (global organic textile standard)
GRS (global recycled standard)

To ensure the safety of all our workers, Stanley/Stella work very closely with the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) and support their partners with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach. After an extensive social audit, Stanley/Stella has been attributed ‘Leader’ status by FWF, certifying that they are showing best practices in complex areas such as freedom of association. They also have a number of mechanisms in place to ensure decent working conditions, such as an internal Code of Conduct, monthly reports and daily visits to our partner factories.

Social Report (Fair Wear): https://www.stanleystella.com//content/files/pdf/FWF-Social-Report-2019.pdf 

Your decision matters! Together we make a difference!

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